Solis Aeterna

Mission Log 001.03 (Imperial Date 131.972M41-134.972M41)
Hesentanz Manor

Day 1: 21:30-01:00

At this late hour the team settles down at the Royal Tempest Inn.

  • Mordecai: On the evening of day one, proceeds to conduct surveillance the Hesentanz Manor where Guljian resides. During this time, a group of local enforcers arrive and due to their cyber-mastiffs is detained briefly and is forced to relinquish his obscura. After which he meets with Resanon and Celestine to begin gathering local information on their quarry. 
  • Resanon and Mordecai bribe a local entertainment girl for information and discover that Guljian has been acting strangely and has been making regular visits to the Mid-Hive district. Guljian has also lost a great deal of his wealth to poorly planned business ventures and has lost a great deal of his credibility in the process. Resanon almost forcibly drawn into an intimate encounter with a Meister Gellans Hanz, a overweight and ill kept trader who Resanon sought to acquire intelligence from.
  • Celestine gets lost in the hive whilst in pursuit of a masquerade mask. What purpose the mask was to serve this psyker is unknown. After a brief encounter with alleyway rats, Celestine was eventually given directions back to the hotel.
  • Varjax remained under medicae care at a Temple of the Omnissiah while healing from two new cybernetic implants.

Day 2 09:00-24:00

  • Resanon: Prayed and participated in holy services at a local temple, making some friendly contact with the resident clergy.
  • Celestine: Rested.
  • Varjax: Medicae recovery.
  • Mordecai: Rested.

Day 3 09:00-11:30

  • Varjax: Returned to inn at 09:00 fully recovered.

The warband agreed to let Mordecai approach Guljian under disguse as a financier seeking to bail Guljian's failing house out of financial collapse. After admittance into the house, the butler, Filst, went to inform Guljian of his arrival but hurriedly and fearfully attempted to get Mordecai to vacate the manse. A loud scream suddenly broke out and the warband rallied together and investigated. Their arrival to Guljians study revealed that Guljian had gone mad; removing his eyes, lips and tearing away at his face. Celestine proceeded to investigate for warp issues, particularly around a mysterious black orb on the desk. Resanon provided medicae to Guljian with the help of his bodyguard Sank. After administering aid, Guljian was able to mumble out only fragments of nonsensical phrases about "cyclopian cities" and "alien worlds". All of the phenomena showed signs of warp activity centering around the orb. Also, Guljian spoke of a "Pale Child", apparently a sort of harbinger of dark times. 

The warband aggreed to take Guljian to the districts Ecclesiarchy Temple for healing and to perhaps learn more of the artifact and Guljian's words.

Mission Log 001.02
Rough Beginnings

Mission Date: 131.972.M41 (11:00-18:00 hrs) Day 1

Location: Hive Desoleum

Warband Epsilon-4 Activities Report

  1. 11:00-14:10-Arrival by cargo lander at Hive Desoleum midhive platform 12-1 east. Entered main transit hub and was engaged by a local named Lazerus who offered to provide guide services. Request was denied by order of Inquisitor Latavia. While awaiting transport from the Inquisitor, Epsilon-4 attempted to use subterfuge to acquire resources from a noble family exiting a transport. Local Adeptus Arbites detained the group but offered to await the arrival of the Inquisitor after they were informed of Epsilon-4's position as acolytes. After being arrested, the warband was released by way of the Inquisitor who arranged for a discreet drop off location in the lower hab's of the hive. After showing disappointment the Inquisitor left, leaving two senior acolytes to oversee their current mission: The Unknown Agent and Derisius, an ex-Imperial Guardsman. Failure to show improvement in performance may result in immediate termination of acolyte status and possibly life. The senior Acolytes provided us with a mission briefing "Hive Desoleum holds many heresies and horrors, and you are gathered here for but one of them. There are increasing reports of horrible deaths within the hive’s upper levels, with odd items of a possible xenos or archaeotech nature found with each corpse. Fellow nobles have related these were preceded with bouts of erratic and troublesome behaviour, and worry that a hive noble named Lans Guljian has exhibited many of the same behaviours.You are tasked with the Emperor’s Work: to investigate the deaths and possible connections to any illicit artifacts, determine if they are potential dangers of a wider nature, and terminate their
    distribution. Recover and contain any items uncovered, lest they corrupt others.
    Carry the Emperor’s Light with you throughout the hive, for there is little proper illumination to be found in this festering, ancient edifice. Desoleum teeters on the blade’s edge of damnation,
    and one further heresy could topple the entire hive into the abyss."
  2. 14:10-21:30-Booked rooms at the Royal Tempest Inn in the Lower Apex district. Began requisition of local resources for mission supplies and cybernetic modifications.


Mission Log: 001.01

Mission Issue Date: 114.972.M41

Galactic Position: Segmentum Obscurus/Askellon Sector/Cyclopia Sub-Sector/Hive Desoleum

Epsilon-4 Warband Operatives:

  1. Inquisitor Latavia Angelus
  2. Acolyte:
  3. Acolyte:
  4. Acolyte:
  5. Acolyte:

(See Dark Heresy Core pg. 328 for information on Hive Desoleum)


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