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To protect the Imperium from its many enemies, the
Imperium maintains a massive fighting force known as the
Imperial Guard. Tithed from the worlds across the galaxy,
the Imperial Guard is an immense force of countless billions,
always at constant war, and always recruiting more soldiers to
replace the fallen. No accurate records exist as to its exact size
and strength, and such is its nature that it is in constant flux,
troops moving from system to system or scattered across the stars
fighting wars long forgotten. Many Guardsmen do not live even
a full day after entering battle, but those who survive become
hardened combat veterans skilled in the bringing of death and
facing the worst foes the galaxy has to offer. Scarred and broken,
such veterans can hope for little comfort beyond the battlefield,
but may find service in other parts of the Imperial war machine or
more secretive duties in less overt wars.

Imperial Guardsmen come from many worlds and are masters
of many skills, each combination of both often unique to their
regiment or unit. A character who has served here is adept in the
use of weapons and has likely tasted combat, seeing first-hand just
what the Imperium must do every day to survive. This can fill
him with a deep hatred of heretics and all xenos life. It has also
made him into a survivor. Often entire regiments are consumed
only hours after their arrival in a warzone, and it is rare for a
Guardsmen to live through an entire campaign, or sometimes
even a single battle. That the character has lived through many
such combats marks him as valuable and rare, even if few within
his command structure notice. Fortunately, there are often others
that do identify the character’s unique attributes and can put his
talents to good use.
Imperial Guardsmen also can become specialists with a
specific weapon or method of fighting, and it is likely such a
character has one or more specialisations under his belt. These
can include sniper training among the regiment’s recon elements,
driving Leman Russ battle tanks, or operating the gargantuan
Imperial artillery pieces. A Guardsman might also learn less
combat-oriented skills that are also essential to prosecuting wars,
such as logistics, material support, or advanced intelligencegathering
Some Guardsmen might rise to a position of command,
and learn something of the tactics and strategy of warfare along
with logistics and politics. These skills can prove invaluable in
other vocations, as an understanding of one’s foes and how to best
counter them can be applied to myriad situations. The Imperial
Guard are among the few elements of the Imperium to face the
alien threat head on, and a man that has spent time within Astra
Militarum has seen things few others could even imagine. This
marks him out from the majority of the civilian populace who
have never heard of many of these threats, let alone seen them. His
rank alone can also serve him well in the presence of others with
similar service. Those still within the Imperial Guard, especially if
they are aware of the character’s regiment, may often hold him in
greater respect for his service, knowing first-hand the price of duty
he must have paid and the comrades he lost along the way.


An Inquisitor is always in need of strong-arms and soldiers to
enforce his judgements or protect his person, and any that offers
up his gun in service never wants for work. A Warrior is the
hard edge of any combat encounter, using his skill and expertise
to put down his enemies in a hail of fire. A good Warrior also
understands warfare and can direct others in battle, acting as a
commander and providing tactical leadership. When hard calls
must be made, the kinds that cost lives, it is the Warrior who can
step up and make them. In this capacity, an Inquisitor might defer
to his Warrior when dealing with these kinds of violent situations,
trusting years of experience to deal with nuances of small unit
tactics or battlefield dominance.
A Warrior is often a talented pilot, gunner, and driver, having
trained with the Imperium’s most deadly weapons and most
powerful machines. Whether it is sub-orbital craft, hover-vehicles,
or walkers, it is likely a Warrior knows how it functions and how
best to push its limits. Even when driving an unfamiliar vehicle, he
can probably find his way around, the same sharpened reflexes and
natural assurance he uses in combat making him skilled behind the
controls of all manner of machines. A veteran from the Imperial
Guard especially might be able to operate many heavy weapons,
drive battle tanks, or fire self-propelled artillery pieces. A hive
ganger may be able to drive or modify industrial vehicles, and
usually has experience with many small and improvised weapons
as well as homemade explosives. A fighter on a feral world might
only have access to primitive weapons, but the principles of
violence are universal and he is just as lethal in combat.
Having faced many a foe eye to eye, a Warrior also can make
for a keen judge of character and demeanour. He is the one who
can detect subterfuge through shifting gazes or twitching trigger
fingers, and determine whether an enemy is about to back down
or stand resolute. A Warrior exists through force of arms, and can
usually recognise others who deal in violence, despite disguise
or guile. This judgement may appear superficial to others, but
a Warrior lives or dies with only seconds between decision and
action. What might appear to be snap appraisals are the result of
many battles that have kept him alive.
He is also used to death. No one comes out of the Imperial
Guard, the Adeptus Arbites, or brutal hive gangs without seeing
scores of his companions fall along the way, and putting more
than his fair share of bodies in the ground. Unlike for an Assassin,
killing is not some great art or expression of devotion, nor is
it something to be savoured and enjoyed. The taking of life is
rather a necessary step in the preservation of his own, and when
a Warrior sees his enemies fall in a spray of blood, the elation he
feels is that he has triumphed again to live another day.

Imperial Guard Warrior

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