Adeptus Ministorum Heirophant


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The Adeptus Ministorum, also known as the Ecclesiarchy,
is the religion that venerates the Emperor of Mankind.
Powerful and ancient, it embodies the Imperial Creed,
the myriad systems of belief that bind humanity together, gives it
purpose, and keeps it safe from soul-imperilling threats both within
and without. Its members are devoted servants of the Emperor,
dedicated to bringing His word to the faithful, and rooting out any
which would stand against Him. Whether with words or deeds,
a member of the Adeptus Ministorum never forgets his earlier
service. Even should he fall from grace, the teachings of the church
remain branded upon his soul, and the fire of the Emperor’s faith
still burns strong in his belly.

The Ecclesiarchy reaches out into every aspect of life within the
Imperium, its presence the face, voice, and hand of Emperor’s
divine will on countless worlds and systems. Citizens are taught
from birth to fear and respect the might of the Ministorum that
keeps them safe, even from themselves. Those of the Ecclesiarchy
are filled with even greater faith and zeal, knowing that the
Emperor is the salvation of Mankind. Some might have been born
into the Adeptus Ministorum, their family line forever melded
to holy service. Others may have left behind their old lives and
positions to enter local temples as mere novitiates. Imperial
worlds commonly feature imposing temples and chapels hosting
Ecclesiarchy members, each devoted to the Emperor in their own
manner. Their faith defines all within the Adeptus Ministorum,
and they give themselves over completely to their service, swearing
their lives for the betterment of the Imperium, to face the foes of
the Emperor wherever they are found.
Most who rise within the Ministorum find a place as preachers,
overseeing flocks of Imperial citizens and safeguarding their souls
against the influence of witches, mutants, and foul xenos cults.
They also act as teachers and guides to the future generations that
come after. Such a post is not without its dangers; dissidents and
unbelievers often target them for attack or assassination as such
actions can be seen as a blow against the hated Imperium itself.
More often, they find peril within the Ecclesiarchy as the sprawling
might of the Ministorum constantly struggles against itself while
attempting to control the Imperium’s citizens. In time, a priest or
cleric might rise up to command the Ministorum’s interests on
an entire world, and become mired in system and sector politics.
Others might travel the wilder areas of the galaxy, spreading
the word of the Emperor or stoking the fires of faith within
those who fight in His name. As firebrands and witch-hunters,
some members of the Ecclesiarchy seek out heresy and
subversion while their brothers in the priesthood maintain
the faith of the populace. These travels can take them
from the frontlines of the Imperium’s bloodiest wars to
the depths of primitive worlds where they bring word
of the Emperor to feral savages. It is a task frequently
fraught with danger, but one of little concern to those
that travel with the faith of the master of Mankind
in their hearts and the glory of the Imperium
at their backs.


The worship of the Emperor comes in many forms, and each
world reveres His might in a different way. Hierophants represent
this diversity across the Imperium, from the primitive holy men
of a feral world to the complex priesthoods of a prominent shrine
world. As messengers of the word of the Emperor, a Hierophant
exists to spread his faith. Provided it is the Emperor and the
Imperial Creed that motivates his teachings, the Ministorum is
not concerned overly with the presence of local beliefs. Thus, a
Hierophant character can have his own complex interpretation of
the Imperial Creed, woven into the ancient tenets of his world,
where the Emperor is represented by his world’s sun and stars,
or its saints are great sea creatures or flaming volcanoes. He also
often brings the trappings of his world’s religion with him, bearing
regalia that he wore as a member of his local sect, or conducts
ritual and rites sacred to those of his own people.
Whereas a feral world Hierophant’s belief in the Emperor
might include natural phenomena and powerful beasts, that of
a hive worlder or voidborn could translate into the spirit of his
ship or city. So ancient are these places that natives often attribute
a soul to the hive or voidship, revering it as a god which watches
over them, and carefully noting its many hums, creaks, and
rumblings as signs of its assent or displeasure. When the Imperial
Cult establishes itself in these worlds, these local superstitions are
absorbed into the Imperial Creed, and the hand of the Emperor
is now seen at work behind the spirit of the hive or voidship. As a
result, a Hierophant from such a place might see the divine in any
city or ship he enters, treating it as a sacred place and taking care
not to anger its spirit. Though puzzling to those that have never
lived in a hive or on a space-going vessel, there is often common
sense woven into these teachings, and they would be wise to heed
the words of a Hierophant when it comes to leaving certain doors
alone or respecting the colour of a glowing rune. All these and
more are supremely important to a Hierophant as signs of his
faith, and for a Hierophant there is nothing more important.

Adeptus Ministorum Heirophant

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