Adeptus Sororitas Chirurgeon


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Legends say that in the initial moments of the Reign of
Blood, Alicia Dominica, leader of the warrior Daughters
of the Emperor, stood before the Golden Throne with a
select few trusted of her order. There they received the Light of
the Emperor, filling them with terrible purpose to defy the tyrant
who had taken control of the Ecclesiarchy and instigated the worst
civil war since the Horus Heresy. When they emerged from that
most holy chamber, they carried His righteous fire within them.
Dominica descended upon the treacherous High Lord Vandire
and ended his terrible Reign along with his life.
In the Reformation that followed, the Decree Passive was
enacted to forbid the Adeptus Ministorum from controlling any
men under arms, and thus prevent the Ecclesiarchy from threatening
the Adeptus Administratum’s rule over the Imperium. The all female
Daughters were deemed exempt, though, and became the
Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas—a powerful presence
to ensure the will of the Ecclesiarchy was enacted faithfully. The
fierce devotion of the Sisters to their Emperor has ended many
a threat from within the Imperium since those dark days. No
heretic can stand against their zeal in enacting the judgement of
the Ecclesiarchy, but the Sisters have also grown into a number of
Non-Militant Orders devoted to the healing arts, communications,
and diplomacy. In all ways, though, they are supremely loyal to
the Emperor, utterly incorruptible and ready to purge all heresies
with hymns and fire.

The unquestioned access and deference to the power of the Adepta
Sororitas grants Sisters of all Orders, be they actual power-armoured
battle maidens or not, the ability to accomplish much that others
cannot. Battle Sisters of the Orders Militant are renowned for their
purity and martial prowess. This secures the Sisters’ positions at the
sides of governors, politicians, and other dignitaries, where they
offer matchless protection while keeping watch over their charges,
without fear of being drawn into any political machinations. A
Sister of the Orders Militant may serve on many planets and fight
thousands of battles in her lifetime, all in the name of her Order
and her Emperor.
A Sister of the Non-Militant Orders may be just as well traveled
as her warrior kin, but her roles are very different. With
access to otherwise sealed historical records, a Sister can uncover
plots that have been centuries in the making. Negotiating on behalf
of a planetary governor, she can steer arrangements to the benefit
of her Order, or even prevent those deemed unwise. A Sister’s
keen mind makes her a welcome addition to the staf of a wealthy
merchant, where she can maximise proits while also tracking
resource movements in search of illicit dealings. War and disease
bring pain and misery to all parts of the galaxy, and many Sisters
take it upon themselves to aid those who have suffered, especially
those who have fallen in service to the Emperor.
There are also Sisters who save lives by acting as translators
across the stars or even on single planets, where human tongues
have twisted base Gothic into myriad forms, and a single
misspoken phrase could ignite a bloodbath. The ways in
which a Sister of the Non-Militant Orders can use
her skills and devotion in order to serve her vital
mission are limited only by her persistence and
will, and for her these traits are never in short supply.
The diverse range of skills and roles represented in the Adepta
Sororitas and the devotion all within have to the Emperor’s Will can
even lead to a Sister working with like-minded Inquisitors
of the Ordo Hereticus as they purge the Imperium
of the enemy within.


The science of the body and the mind are shrouded in mystery
within the Imperium, secrets privy to a specialised few. As an
Acolyte, the Chirurgeon gains free reign to practise his arts and
finds no shortage of subjects, be they for healing or for harm.
Principal among the gifts of the Chirurgeon is the ability to
mend broken flesh, shattered bones, and twisted minds, either
replacing them with augmentations or grafts, or by means of
complex surgery, before returning an Acolyte to service. Whereas
a battlefield trooper or gang skin-stitcher might know the basics
of lasburning to cauterise a wound or binding a bleeding limb,
the Chirurgeon transcends these through devotion and skills to
preserve and cure. In his hands, flesh can be made better than
before. What the Chirurgeon does is often not just medicine but
art, manipulating the flesh into new and superior configurations.
Healers exist on all worlds, though their form and ability
can vary wildly depending on societal factors and local taboos.
The Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus contain specialised
Chirurgeons entrusted with the secrets of the human form. Here
they learn the mechanics of the flesh and how to emulate it with
blessed technology, though some might heretically seek to better
it where possible. The Imperial Guard perhaps has the greatest
numbers through the sheer size of its armies across the galaxy,
with each regiment containing many medics.
With the talent for healing also comes the talent for harm,
and Inquisitors have great call for the Chirurgeon and his skills
when it comes to bleeding the truth out of their prisoners. Many
Inquisitors have a raw ability when it comes to putting someone to
the question, trading pain for truth. The Chirurgeon, however, can
keep a subject alive almost indefinitely and in constant, excruciating
pain. A good Chirurgeon is inventive in his torments, as he must
be to overcome the hatred and resilience of some of the Mankind’s
foes, and in time grows to have a large repertoire of tortures at his
ready disposal.
Chirurgeons do not just heal the injured or interrogate
prisoners; they may also be intellectuals and researchers plunging
into the depths of Imperial secrets, or keeping the ancient lore of
the Adeptus Mechanicus. Those that operate outside the boundaries
of the Machine Cult must tread with care, the Mechanicum having
little patience for those that dabble in the mysteries of science. This
usually means they must conduct their research in secret, hidden
from the eyes of the Imperium, safeguarded by their service to an
Inquisitor. Many rogue Chirurgeons have found a place within
a warband when they were persecuted by the Mechanicum for
their crimes, an Inquisitor finding a useful place for their talents.
Others are hunted, leaving a trail of monstrous failures and stacks
of hidden bodies in their wake, finding a refuge for their madness
in service of a higher purpose.

Adeptus Sororitas Chirurgeon

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