Adeptus Arbite Seeker


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Only through constant vigilance and the execution of brutal
law can the Imperium survive, and the Adeptus Arbites
carries out this function. While the armies of the Imperial
Guard struggle to hold back the aggression of alien empires and
protect worlds from without, the Adeptus Arbites roots out rebels,
recidivists, and threats to the stability of the Imperium from within.
Its agents, collectively known as Arbitrators, operate as they best
see fit, using their greater training and weaponry to tackle foes that
might be beyond the scope of local agencies, or in many cases
to deal with a government which has itself become corrupted.
Remorseless and single-minded, they do not forgive or forget any
crime, and pursue their quarry relentlessly until the Emperor’s
Justice has been served.

The Adeptus Arbites faces a monumental task in enforcing the
law across countless Imperial worlds. Those that take the oaths,
don the carapace armour, and wield the shock maul are often
obsessive and pitiless individuals, men and women who see the
law as an extension of the Emperor’s will upon His subjects,
and its enforcement their sacred duty. Whether they are skilled in
combat or possessed of a keen mind, Arbitrators know they face
an implacable and remorseless foe, one which they must counter
with all the talents at their command. To be part of this agency is
to be apart from their original surroundings, for after training in
the Schola Progenium, Arbitrators are never assigned to the world
of their birth. They are beyond local authorities, serving none
but higher Imperial law. Once a man puts on the distinctive dark
armour he stops being merely a man, and is now a representative
of the greater Imperium upon a world, there to ensure planetary
compliance with Imperial law.
Arbitrators are always engaged in investigation and
enforcement, for crime never sleeps. The surrounding populace
overwhelmingly outnumbers them, so it is essential to detect and
crush crime before it grows too strong. On many worlds, they bring
massive firepower to bear at the slightest hint of resistance, often
reacting to crimes before they occur, and pre-emptively arresting
citizens who are “at risk” of become criminals. Skilled Arbitrators
are masters of urban conflict and crowd control, with an instinctive
understanding of Imperial societies such as the packed hab-blocks
of an overpopulated hive world or the savage villages of a feral
world, and the differing tactics needed to police them.
Arbitrators often tap local vox-networks, develop networks of
spies and informants, and even infiltrate suspect organisations to
snare the lawless in surgical strikes, where their superior weaponry
and training can prevail over larger forces. Such investigations
require long hours of dedicated detective work, patience, and
cunning to root out violations of Imperial law amidst the myriad
other offences against lesser authorities. Their lives are often at
risk, and not just from their obvious criminal quarry. During the
course of an investigation, all manner of things might come to
light, including the secrets of powerful individuals. In these cases,
Arbitrators can face more danger from a supposedly loyal ally than
the scum they pursue.


An Acolyte that treads the path of the Seeker is driven by
the hunt, relentless in his investigations. Where others
might choose easy violence or give up the pursuit, the
Seeker sees signs and clues to the passage of the prey, whether it
is an individual fleeing from Imperial justice, or a secret hidden
behind a web of lies. He can obsess over the unknown, never
resting until a puzzle is solved or a chase completed. Sometimes
the mystery or the manhunt can become more important to him
than the actual eradication of a revealed heresy or capture of an
escaped psyker, and he loses interest once he arrives at a solution
or detains his prey. A Seeker is a natural detective and interrogator,
ferreting out the truth wherever it might hide among the byzantine
power structures of the Imperium and its labyrinth of cities and
societies. Where others find only dead ends and false leads, the
Seeker uses his perceptive senses and keen insight to discover vital
clues, decipher plots, and resolve mysteries. It is this attention and
obsession with detail which defines the Seeker, and whether or not
he uses it to become a hunter or investigator, it continually haunts
him, pushing him on to uncover the next truth, unravel the next
lie, and catch the most elusive of prey.

Adeptus Arbite Seeker

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