Welcome to the Solis Aeterna Campaign

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“Worry ye souls, for the Storm rages anew.”
–Saint Valerius, from the Apocrypha Askellios

The Warhammer 40k universe is a vast and complex science-fantasy setting. As a role playing game (RPG) the Dark Heresy 2nd Edition game system brings you, the player, into a dark and horrifying realm of supernatural intrigue and brutal conflict within a galactic dark age. A dark age of technology where all enlightened scientific development has fallen away due to war, leaving billions of worlds and star systems with only fragments of technology and knowledge. As Acolytes, your characters role in this game is that of vassals to a representative of the Imperium of Man's Holy Ordo, also known as the Inquisition, an ancient and secretive agency meant to root out otherworldly and alien threats. These threats come in many forms. To effectively confront these enemies, the Inquisition is divided into many factions consisting of witch, demon, and alien hunters.

Little is known publicly about the Inquisition's operations other than the pervasive belief that their presence heralds great woes for their quarry. It is for this reason they frequently operate in secret, but wield absolute authority. For the Inquisitor, many investigations require additional hands, which is where Acolytes come in. As distant and independent servants to your master your characters have been chosen by Inquisitorial authority to serve in the Holy Inquisition's mission to root out evil and corruption in a galaxy plagued with superstition and sin. This will not be a simple task. It will challenge your wit and will, requiring you to not only understand the rules of the Dark Heresy game but to also learn how to navigate the dramatic settings that can take your character into worlds and star systems where the laws of sanity and logic may hold little sway.

Yet, how your characters have come into service and what tasks lay before them has yet to be seen…

This campaign will be conducted in person at a UCD GAMESOC designated location on the UCD campus, but will be using the Roll20.net interface to engage in game action such as combat or to view handouts. You can visit the game interface at the Roll20.net site here:


Due to the online element of the game, all players will be required to have a laptop with internet access during game play. Characters are pre-made and can be viewed under the Characters tab to the left. The warband (the group) will need to decide who will play which characters. Should the unfortunate demise of a character occur, another will be made either by the Player or the Game Master (GM) at a 25% experience point (XP) penalty from their previous characters XP value.

For some good exposure into the Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy campaign setting please follow the link below to read a short story set within the story setting your characters will tread.






Solis Aeterna

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